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1. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
Jared Diamond; Paperback; Buy New: $11.87
2. On Paradise Drive: How We Live Now (and ALways Have) in the Future Tense
David Brooks; Hardcover; Buy New: $17.00
3. Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria? And Other Conversations About Race: A Psychologist Explains the Development of Racial Identity, Revised edition
Beverly Daniel Tatum; Paperback; Buy New: $11.17
4. Why We Buy: The Science Of Shopping
Paco Underhill; Paperback; Buy New: $10.50
5. Our Babies, Ourselves: How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Parent
Meredith F. Small; Paperback; Buy New: $10.47
6. Death's Acre: Inside the Legendary Forensic Lab/the Body Farm/Where the Dead Do Tell Tales
William M. Bass; Hardcover; Buy New: $16.97
7. The Seven Daughters of Eve
Bryan Sykes; Paperback; Buy New: $11.17
8. Bowling Alone : The Collapse and Revival of American Community
Robert D. Putnam; Paperback; Buy New: $11.20
9. Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women
Geraldine Brooks; Paperback; Buy New: $11.20
10. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
Weston A. Price; Paperback; Buy New: $19.95
11. Adam's Curse: A Future without Men
Bryan Sykes; Hardcover; Buy New: $17.65
12. Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal
Jared Diamond; Paperback; Buy New: $10.50
13. Privilege, Power, and Difference
Allan G. Johnson; Paperback; Buy New: $28.05
14. The 10 Lenses: Your Guide to Living & Working in a Multicultural World
Mark A. Williams; Paperback; Buy New: $10.47
15. Nature Via Nurture: Genes, Experience, and What Makes Us Human
Matt Ridley; Hardcover; Buy New: $17.65
16. The Origin of Species
Charles Darwin; Hardcover; Buy New: $7.99
17. The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image
Leonard Shlain; Paperback; Buy New: $11.90
18. Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People
Joan Roughgarden; Hardcover; Buy New: $18.70
19. After the Black Death: A Social History of Early Modern Europe (Interdisciplinary Studies in History)
George Huppert; Paperback; Buy New: $12.95
20. The Great Good Place: Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Bars, Hair Salons, and Other Hangouts at the Heart of a Community
Ray Oldenburg; Paperback; Buy New: $11.87
21. Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought
Pascal Boyer; Paperback; Buy New: $12.25
22. Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World
Yang Erche Namu; Paperback; Buy New: $10.47
23. The Meme Machine
Susan Blackmore; Paperback; Buy New: $11.17
24. Against the Grain: How Agriculture Has Hijacked Civilization
Richard Manning; Hardcover; Buy New: $16.80
25. Infections and Inequalities: The Modern Plagues, Updated Edition With a New Preface
Paul Farmer; Paperback; Buy New: $13.97
26. Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago (Illinois)
Lealan Jones; Paperback; Buy New: $11.20
27. Against Love: A Polemic
Laura Kipnis; Hardcover; Buy New: $16.80
28. Where Stuff Comes From: How Toasters, Toilets, Cars, Computers and Many Other Things Come to Be As They Are
Harvey Molotch; Hardcover; Buy New: $16.97
29. Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline
Robert H. Bork; Paperback; Buy New: $10.47
30. How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Teach Yourself, Revised Edition
Mark Collier; Hardcover; Buy New: $16.97
31. American Gulag: Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons
Mark Dow; Hardcover; Buy New: $19.25
32. Why the Jews? The Reason for Antisemitism
Dennis Prager; Paperback; Buy New: $11.20
33. Mapping Human History: Genes, Race, and Our Common Origins
Steve Olson; Paperback; Buy New: $11.20
34. Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion
Edward J. Larson; Paperback; Buy New: $11.87
35. The Naked Ape: A Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal
Desmond Morris; Paperback; Buy New: $11.16
36. Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed (Yale Agrarian Studies (Paperback))
James C. Scott; Paperback; Buy New: $14.61
37. Guests of the Sheik: An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village
Elizabeth Warnock Fernea; Paperback; Buy New: $11.16
38. Genes, Peoples, and Languages
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza; Paperback; Buy New: $12.57
39. Harvard Business Review on Work and Life Balance (Harvard Business Review Paperback Series)
Harvard Business School Press; Paperback; Buy New: $13.97
40. The Wisdom of the Native Americans: Includes the Soul of an Indian and Other Writings by Ohiyesa, and the Great Speeches of Red Jacket, Chief Joseph, and Chief Seattle (Religion and Spirituality)
Kent Nerburn; Hardcover; Buy New: $12.57
41. Arrowheads & Stone Artifacts: A Practical Guide for the Amateur Archaeologist
C. G. Yeager; Paperback; Buy New: $11.87
42. The Overspent American: Why We Want What We Don't Need
Juliet Schor; Paperback; Buy New: $10.40
43. The Collapse of the Common Good: How America's Lawsuit Culture Undermines Our Freedom
Philip K. Howard; Paperback; Buy New: $11.20
44. Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization
Graham Hancock; Paperback; Buy New: $17.00
45. The Real Eve: Modern Man's Journey Out of Africa
Stephen Oppenheimer; Hardcover; Buy New: $17.00
46. Sources of Chinese Tradition
William Theodore De Bary; Paperback; Buy New: $22.00
47. Voice of Reason : Why the Left and Right Are Wrong
Ronn Owens; Hardcover; Buy New: $16.97
48. The Maya (Ancient Peoples and Places)
Michael D. Coe; Paperback; Buy New: $13.27
49. City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi
William Dalrymple; Paperback; Buy New: $10.50
50. Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews and Other Writings, 1972-1977
Michel Foucault; Paperback; Buy New: $11.20




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