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A small selection of useful links in the field of biology.

  • akademisyen.com
    This website harbors information regarding more than 15.500 medical journals from over 70 countries. Examples are: Instruction to authors, SCI-E Journals, PUB MED-Index Medicus Journals, Free Medical Journals. Just enter a few keywords for your search.
     - suggested by husnu yangın

  • The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences
    The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences is the largest Institute at the Faculty of Sciences of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with 65 active academic faculty members and a total of 1100 students, technical and administrative staff. The Institute of Life Sciences participates most actively in the unprecedented, worldwide revolution taking place in the field of life sciences these days.
     -- suggested by Arthur Kochoyan

  • Celartia Cell Culture
    Cell culture media and forums.

  • Droplet - Microscopy of the Protozoa
    Enter the world of the fascinating and immensely diverse group of single cellular organisms. Includes images, descriptions, taxonomy, and web resources.

  • The Electric Eclectic

  • Expasy
    The ExPASy (Expert Protein Analysis System) proteomics server of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) is dedicated to the analysis of protein sequences and structures as well as 2-D PAGE
    -- suggested by Lusine Kochoyan

  • JuveNews
    A summary of the latest news on the biology of aging field for professionals in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, research and investment communities.

  • Virtual Library of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
    The VL is the oldest catalog of the web, started by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of html and the web itself. Unlike commercial catalogs, it is run by a loose confederation of volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert; even though it isn't the biggest index of the web, the VL pages are widely recognised as being amongst the highest-quality guides to particular sections of the web.

  • The World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society
    The WSEAS, pronounced: "W" - seas, is a world, scientific-engineering, academic, non-profit organization that promotes the development and the unified consideration of new mathematical methods and computational techniques as well as their applications in science and engineering. Also, WSEAS supports, in general, the research and the diffusion of the scientific and engineering knowledge, especially in the areas of mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering as well as their interaction to other sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering, earth sciences, space sciences etc...).

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