Apex law

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  1. This law gives the owner of a properly located claim on a vein the right to an indefinite extension on the dip of the vein beyond the vertical planes through the side lines of the claim. In order to secure this right, the owner must lay out the end lines of the claim parallel and of substantial length. A triangular claim would have no apex right and cannot be patented. Lewis
  2. Obsolescent mining law allowing the owner of a lode to follow it in depth, regardless of the vertical extension of the legal surface boundaries. Pryor, 3
  3. In U.S. mining law, the individual whose claim contains the apex of a vein may follow and exploit the vein indefinitely along its dip, even if it passes downdip under adjoining surface property lines. Syn: law of extralateral rights
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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