Community(s) of therapy

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Ron E. Roberts' notion. A kind of alternative or intentional community, a communal organization that arises during great periods of stress and upheaval in society and is designed to protect the "fragile" individual from the normlessness of social change. Many "communities of therapy" have arisen in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as a response to industrialization and industrial-social change - its poverty, its uprooting of traditions, etc. Most communities of therapy try to provide a buffer between the bureaucratic, impersonal, mass society and the individual. They often encourage individual creativity and the development of the "whole person," as well as general psychological strength. Examples range from the nineteenth century Shakers to the countercultural "hip communes" of the twentieth century. - Ron E. Roberts, Sociology With a Human Face (Dubuque IA: Eddie Bowers Publishing, 1983)

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