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  1. step of the Basque (a country that lies between France and Spain); a step that can be performed as a sliding movement on the floor or as a jump.
  2. ["Basque step"]. Starts in 5th position; assume right foot front. On the upbeat, demi-plié; the right foot glides forward in croisé and continues with a demi-rond de jambe en dehors to the side, while the left foot remains in plié. A small jump occurs onto the right foot in demi-plié. The left foot now glides through 1st position into croisé forward. On the final count, the weight is transferred to the left foot and a small jump is made to bring the feet together where the left one was placed. The movement finishes in 5th croisé. Source: Vance's Fantastic - BALLET DICTIONARY

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