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  • Aquatic organisms that drift, or swim weakly.
  • Plankton are forms of marine, organic life that gather vital energy for life through photosynthesis. Since they are very low on the food chain, they are vital to all marine life. They are also vital to the atmosphere in that they consume large amounts of carbon dioxide, which contribute to enhanced global warming when excess amounts are present. Plankton are considered to be one of the more important contributors of oxygen to the atmosphere. [Sea Frontiers; v40; 12-13; 1994.] [New Scientist; v143; 17; 1994.] [Understanding and Controlling Air Pollution; Howard Hesiceth; page 131; 1972; Ann Arbor Science Publishers; Ann Arbor, Michigan.] [The Green Encyclopedia; Irene Franck and David Brownstone; page 245; Prentice Hall; New York.] Source: Atmospheric Chemistry Glossary
  • Tiny plants and animals that live in water.
    Source: Terms of the Environment

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