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  1. The relative position of the high (+) and the low (-) signal leads in an audio system.
  2. The term used to describe the way the positive and negative wires in a circuit are hooked up. Normally positive goes to positive, negative goes to negative. This condition is known as being 'in polarity'. If the wires are flipped (positive to negative and negative to positive) the resulting condition is known as being 'out of polarity'. In a sound system, proper connections insure a positive signal remains positive throughout the system. Source: Church Audio & Acoustics Glossary
  3. The positive or negative direction of an electrical, acoustical, or magnetic force. Two identical signals in opposite polarity are 180 degrees apart at all frequencies. Polarity is not frequency dependent. Source: http://www.owenscorning.com/around/sound/glossary.asp

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