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  1. A jump from two feet to one; this jump can be done closed (fermé) or open (ouverte), forward, sideways, or backwards, and over (dessus) or under (dessous).
  2. [Named for its inventor]. A type of jump that has several forms, among them: sissonne simple, sissonne ouverte, sissonne fermée, sissonne fondue, and others. Not to be confused with ciseaux. In sissonne simple, the most elementary form, the movement begins in 5th position. Jump straight up, with the legs together and the feet pointed. Land on one foot in demi-plié, with the other foot sur le cou-de-pied either in front or back (corresponding to whether the foot sur le cou-de-pied began in front or back--it does not change. Source: Vance's Fantastic - BALLET DICTIONARY

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