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P.L. 63-95 (May 8, 1914) authorized and provided initial funding for states to establish an educational outreach arm to "extend" the results of research programs at the land grant colleges of agriculture and their affiliated state agricultural experiment stations to all citizens who might benefit from them. In 1962 Congress amended the act to establish a formula for distributing federal funds to states for agricultural extension programs. The formula provides for each state to receive what it received in 1962 as a base. Funds appropriated in excess of the 1962 level are allocated as follows: 4% of funds go to the federal component of the Cooperative Extension System (now part of the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service); of the remainder, 20% is allocated to each state equally; and 80% is allocated on the basis of a state’s share of the U.S. rural and farm populations. On average, Smith-Lever formula funds account for about 30% of a state’s total funding for extension programs.

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