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  1. The failure of light from a point on an object to converge to a point on the image after passing through a lens.
  2. The failure of a lens or mirror to bring the light rays to the same focus. When aberration is due to the form of the lens or mirror, it is called spherical aberration. When due to the different refrangibility of light of different colors, it is called chromatic aberration. When present in magnifiers it often causes inaccurate decisions as to flawlessness or color of gems.
  3. Distortion produced by a lens. It is spherical if a flat image appears closer to the viewer in the middle than toward the edges of the field of view. It is chromatic if the visible spectrum is spread to give both a red and a blue image. CF: achromatic; aplanatic lens; aplanachromatic lens. See also: chromatic aberration
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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