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  • (biotechnology) Repeated exposures to a chemical may result in the progressive increase of its concentration in an organism, organ or tissue; illness or other effects may increase with successive doses. Factors involved in accumulation include selective binding of the chemical to tissue molecules, concentration of fat soluble chemicals in body fat, absent or slow metabolism of the chemical, and slow excretion of the chemical. Accumulation is a mass balance effect where input exceeds output.
  • (geology)
  1. In coal mining, bodies of combustible gases that tend to collect in higher parts of mine workings and at the edge of goaves and wastes. They are found in cavities, at ripping lips, at other sheltered places protected from the ventilating current, and at the higher sides of rise faces. Mason
  2. The concentration or gathering of oil or gas in some form of trap. Commercial accumulation is a volume or quantity sufficient for profitable exploitation. AGI
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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