Acoustic impedance

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  • (acoustics) Z=R+jX ; [ML-4T-1] ; mks acoustic ohm *(Pa•s/m3) ---of a surface, for a given frequency, the complex quotient obtained when the sound pressure averaged over the surface is divided by the volume velocity through the surface. The real and imaginary components are called, respectively, acoustic resistance and acoustic reactance.
  • (geology) The acoustic impedance of a given surface area of an acoustic medium perpendicular, at every point, to the direction of propagation of sinusoidal acoustic waves of given frequency, and having equal acoustic pressures and equal volume velocities per unit area at every point of the surface at any instance, is the quotient obtained by dividing (1) the phasor corresponding to the acoustic pressure by (2) the phasor corresponding to the volume velocity. See also: impedance
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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