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  • (biology) Requiring free oxygen for respiration. Source: Curtis, Helena. 1968. Biology. New York, NY. Worth Publishers
  • (chemistry) Oxygen-dependent or requiring oxygen. [Journal of Experimental Biology; v194; pages 69-81; 1994.] [Journal of Bacteriology; v176n17; pages 5565-5570; 1994.] Source: Atmospheric Chemistry Glossary
  • (environment) Life or processes that require, or are not destroyed by, the presence of oxygen. (See anaerobic.) Source: Terms of the Environment
  • (geology)
  1. Said of an organism (esp. a bacterium) that can live only in the presence of free oxygen; also, said of its activities. Syn: aerobe AGI
  2. Said of conditions that can exist only in the presence of free oxygen. CF: anaerobic
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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