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  • one of a pair, or series, of genes similarly located on homologous chromosomes Source: Noland, George B. 1983. General Biology, 11th Edition. St. Louis, MO. C. V. Mosby
  • One of the alternate forms of the same functional gene. Alleles occupy the same position (locus) on homologous chromosomes, and so are separated from each other at meiosis. Source: Curtis, Helena. 1968. Biology. New York, NY. Worth Publishers
  • An allele is one of two or more versions of a gene. An individual inherits two alleles for each gene, one from each parent. If the two alleles are the same, the individual is homozygous for that gene. If the alleles are different, the individual is heterozygous. Though the term allele was originally used to describe variation among genes, it now also refers to variation among non-coding DNA sequences.

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