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  1. As used by churn drillers, to remove a liquid from a borehole by use of a tubular container attached to a wire line. See also: bailer
  2. The handle on a bucket, cage, or skip by means of which it may be lifted or lowered. Long
  3. A large clevis. Long
  4. To dewater a mine with a skip or bailer.
  5. As used by the diamond- and rotary-drilling industries, (1) a U-shaped steel rod with the open ends formed into eyes fitting over two lugs projecting from the sides of a water swivel, or (2) a U-shaped steel rod with open ends attached to an open-sided, latch-equipped, circular collar, that fits around a drill rod and under the base of a water swivel. Both types of bails are designed to permit circulation of fluid through the drill rod string while the rods are suspended on the hoist line or while the rods are being raised or lowered a few feet with the hoisting cable. Long

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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