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  • environment
  1. A pipe with a valve at the lower end, used to remove slurry from the bottom or side of a well as it is being drilled, or to collect groundwater samples from wells or open boreholes.
  2. A tube of varying length
    Source: Terms of the Environment
  • geology
  1. A long cylindrical vessel fitted with a bail at the upper end and a flap or tongue valve at the lower extremity. It is used to remove water, sand, and mud-laden or cuttings-laden fluids from a borehole. When fitted with a plunger to which the bailing line is attached, it sucks the liquid in as it is lifted and is then called a sand pump or an American pump. Syn: bucket
  2. A metal tank, or skip, with a valve in the bottom, used for dewatering a mine.
  3. See: sludger; swab.
  4. In bituminous coal mining, a laborer who scoops water from drainage ditches in a mine with a bucket and empties it into a water car, a ditch flowing to a natural outlet or to a pumping station. Also called water bailer. DOT
  5. A cylindrical steel container with a valve at the bottom for admission of fluid, attached to a wire line and used in cable-tool drilling for recovering and removing water, cuttings, and mud from the bottom of a well. See also: bail; bailing. AGI

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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