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  • Acoustics: A defined portion of either the audio or radio frequency spectrums. A specific part of the frequency spectrum such as AM, FM, VHF, UHF, etc. Source: Church Audio & Acoustics Glossary
  • Anthropology: When used generally, this term refers to small-scale societies whose economy is based on hunting, gathering, and fishing, and have a relatively un-complex social organization. Source: Anthromorphemics
  • Chemistry: A series of very closely spaced, nearly continuous molecular orbitals that belong to the crystal as a whole.
  • Geology
  1. Shale or other rock interstratified with coal, e.g., dirt band, sulfur band, etc.
  2. A thin stratum or lamina of conspicuous lithology or color. A group of such layers is described as being banded. CF: parting
  3. Any well-defined and widespread thin rock deposit that is of value in correlation.
  4. Slate or other rock interstratified with coal, commonly called middle band in Arkansas; also, dirt band, sulfur band, or other band, as the case may be. Fay
  5. Applied to a stratum or lamina conspicuous because it differs in color from adjacent layers; a group of layers displaying color differences is described as being banded. AGI
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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