Base line

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  1. A line taken as the foundation of operations in trigonometrical and geological surveys. See also: base
  2. A surveyed line established with more than usual care, that serves as a reference to which surveys are coordinated and correlated. See also: base
  3. The initial measurement in triangulation, being an accurately measured distance constituting one side of one of a series of connected triangles, and used, together with measured angles, in computing the lengths of the other sides. AGI
  4. One of a pair of coordinate axes (the other being the principal meridian) used in the U.S. Public Land Survey system. It consists of a line extending east and west along the true parallel of latitude passing through the initial point, along which standard township, section, and quarter-section corners are established. AGI
  5. An aeromagnetic profile flown at least twice in opposite directions and at the same level, in order to establish a line of reference of magnetic intensities on which to base an aeromagnetic survey. AGI
  6. The center line of location of a railway or highway; the reference line for the construction of a bridge or other engineering structure. Sometimes spelled: baseline. AGI

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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