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  1. See: blasting machine; exploder. Nelson
  2. A number of similar machines or similar pieces of equipment placed side by side on a single or separate base and by means of common connections as a unit. Long
  3. Mine support in which timbers are placed in groups of 3 to 12 or more. The battery may be strengthened by binding with wire. Spalding
  4. A wooden platform for miners to stand upon while at work, esp. in steeply dipping coal beds.
  5. A series or row of coke ovens. Mersereau, 2
  6. A bulkhead or structure of timber for keeping coal in place. Hess
  7. The plank closing the bottom of a coal chute.
  8. A series of stamps, usually five, operated in one box or mortar, for crushing ores; also, the box in which they are operated. Hess
  9. A stamper mill for pulverizing stone. Gordon
  10. Timbering in which the sticks are placed from foot to hanging wall, touching each other, in a solid mass of 3 to 12 or more. The battery may be further strengthened by binding around with wire. Spalding
  11. In steeply pitching seams, a wooden structure built across the chute to hold back blasted coal. Korson
  12. A number of stamps for crushing and pulverizing ores. Nelson
  13. Section of ore dressing (reduction) plant. Pryor, 3
  14. A combination of chemically activated accumulators, which, after charging, may be used for a considerable time as a source of direct-current electricity. Also called storage battery. Long

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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