Bedding plane

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  1. Surface separating layers of Rock tends to separate, or break, readily along bedding planes.
    Source: Leet, L. Don. 1982. Physical Geology, 6th Edition. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall

  1. In sedimentary or stratified rocks, a surface that separates each layer from those above or below it. It usually records a change in depositional circumstances by grain size, composition, color, or other features. The rock may tend to split or break readily along bedding planes. See also: plane
  2. Surface on which rock-forming mineral has been deposited. Syn: bedding
  3. A separation or weakness between two layers of rock caused by changes during the building up of the rock-forming material. See also: bed joint
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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