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  1. A substance used to produce cohesion in loose aggregate, as the crushed stones in a macadam road.
  2. A material added to coal or iron ore during the process of briquetting or pelletizing to facilitate adhesion between the particles.
  3. Corn. Beds of grit in shale, slate, or clay.
  4. Streak of impurity in a coal seam, usually difficult to remove.
  5. The material that produces or promotes consolidation in loosely aggregated sediments; e.g., a mineral cement that is precipitated in the pore spaces between grains and that holds them together, or a primary clay matrix that fills the interstices between grains. AGI
  6. Soil binder. AGI
  7. A term used in Ireland for a bed of sand in shale, slate, or clay. AGI
  8. A coal miner's term used in Pembrokeshire, England, for shale. AGI

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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