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  • acoustics
Building a continuous barrier that traps or stops air movement from one side of a partition to the other, greatly reducing airborne sound transmission.
  • geology
  1. A division of a mine, usually bounded by workings but sometimes by survey lines or other arbitrary limits.
  2. A short piece of timber placed between the mine roof and the cap of a timber set and directly over the cap support. A wedge driven between the roof and the timber holds the set in place. See also: blocking and wedging
  3. A pillar or mass of ore exposed by underground workings. See also: blocking out
  4. Portion of an orebody blocked out by drives, raises, or winzes, so that it is completely surrounded by passages and forms a rectangular panel. If its character, volume, and assay grade are thus established beyond reasonable doubt, it ranks as proved ore in the mine's assets. Pryor, 3
  5. The wedging of core or core fragments or the impaction of cuttings inside a bit or core barrel, which prevents further entry of core into the core barrel, thereby producing a condition wherein drilling must be discontinued and the core barrel pulled and emptied to forestall loss of core through grinding or the serious damage of the bit or core barrel. See also: core block; plug. Long
  6. An obstruction in a borehole. Long
  7. See: sheave
    Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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