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  • (environment) A proliferation of algae and/or higher aquatic plants in a body of water; often related to pollution, especially when pollutants accelerate growth.
    Source: Terms of the Environment
  • (geology)
  1. A mineral that is frequently found as an efflorescence, cobalt bloom, for example. Syn: efflorescence
  2. To form an efflorescence; as, salts with which alkali soils are impregnated bloom out on the surface of the Earth in dry weather following rain or irrigation. Webster 2nd
  3. The fluorescence of petroleum or its products. Webster 3rd
  4. A semifinished hot-rolled product, rectangular in cross section, produced on a blooming mill. For iron and steel, the width is not more than twice the thickness, and the cross-sectional area is usually not less than 36 in2(232 cm2 ). Iron and steel blooms are sometimes made by forging. ASM, 1
  5. A surface film resulting from attack by the atmosphere or from the deposition of smoke or other vapors. ASTM
  6. A lump or mass of molten glass. Webster 2nd

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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