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  1. Person who attends to a brake or brakes, as on a railroad car. Standard, 2
  2. Eng. The person in charge of a winding (hoisting) engine for a mine. "Brakeman" is usually used in the United States; "brakesman" is the British usage. The person in charge of hoisting engines, esp. in the United States, is usually called a hoisting engineer. Fay
  3. In mining, a laborer who rides on trains or trips of cars hauled by locomotive or hoisting cable or chain, and assists in their transportation to surface or shaft bottom for hoisting; operates or throws switches; couples and uncouples cars, or attaches and detaches cars to and from the cable; opens and closes ventilation doors in mines; directs movement of the train by signaling motorman. May be designated according to type of hauling machine, such as dinkey operator helper. Also called brake holder, car rider, conductor, dukey rider, gang rider, motorman helper, nipper, patcher, rider, rope conductor, rope rider, set rider, snapper, tailend rider, trailer, train conductor, trainman, transfer car helper, trip rider, tub rider. Syn: conductor

Source: Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms

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