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A shortened form of the tribal name Cadohadacho, referring to three main Native American tribal groups spread along wide fertile prairies bordering the great bend in the Red River. The three cultures are- the Cadohadacho and the Natchitoches along the Red River, and the Hasinai along the banks of the upper Neches and Angelina Rivers in East Texas. Each tribe within these three regional groupings had an individual identity and was independently governed, but all had a common language, followed the same social and religious customs, and shared traditions. Their direct descendants are listed on the tribal roll of the Caddo Indian Tribe of Oklahoma in the twentieth century. (From Caddo Indians: Where We Come From (1995 pg 4) by Cecile Elkins Carter, Cultural Liason for the Caddo Tribes of Oklahoma.)

Source: LITHICS-Net, Glossary of Lithics Terminology

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