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  • the relationship between the appearance of chromosomes and the genotype/phenotype of the individual
    Source: Jenkins, John B. 1990. Human Genetics, 2nd Edition. New York: Harper & Row
  • Study that relates the appearance and behavior of chromosomes to genetic phenomenon.
  • Cytogenetics is the branch of genetics that studies the structure of DNA within the cell nucleus. This DNA is condensed during cell division and form chromosomes. The cytogenetic studies the number and morphology of chromosomes. Using chromosome banding techniques (classical cytogenetics) or hybridization fluorescently labeled probes (molecular cytogenetics). The number and morphology of chromosomes in a cell of a particular species are always constant, in most cells of the body (with the exception of reproductive cells and others such as the liver). This is a characteristic of each specie, in humans such as the number of chromosomes is 46.

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