Vitré, France

Vitré is a picturesque medieval town located in the Ille-et-Vilaine department in the Brittany region of northwestern France. Known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, Vitré is recognized as a “Ville d’Art et d’Histoire” (Town of Art and History). Here are key points about Vitré:

  1. Château de Vitré: The town is dominated by the impressive Château de Vitré, a medieval castle that dates back to the 11th century. The castle features towers, a drawbridge, and a moat. It is open to the public, allowing visitors to explore its courtyards and rooms.
  2. Old Town: Vitré’s historic center is characterized by cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, and charming squares. The Old Town has retained its medieval character, offering a glimpse into the town’s rich history.
  3. Saint-Martin’s Church: The Saint-Martin’s Church (Église Saint-Martin) is a Gothic-style church located in the heart of Vitré. It features intricate stained glass windows and architectural details.
  4. Place du Château: The Place du Château is a square located near the Château de Vitré. It is surrounded by medieval buildings and is a central point for exploring the town.
  5. Vitré Museum: The Vitré Museum is housed in the Château de Vitré and showcases a collection of art and artifacts related to the town’s history.
  6. Medieval Gardens: Vitré is home to medieval-style gardens, including the Jardin du Parc and the Jardin des Remparts, where visitors can enjoy a peaceful stroll amid greenery.
  7. Marché des Lices: The Marché des Lices is a local market where residents and visitors can find fresh produce, regional products, and handmade crafts.
  8. Festival des Embellies: Vitré hosts the Festival des Embellies, an annual event featuring cultural performances, concerts, and activities that celebrate the town’s artistic and historical heritage.
  9. Fête de la Musique: Vitré participates in the Fête de la Musique, a nationwide celebration of music that takes place every June with live performances throughout the town.
  10. Notre-Dame Basilica: The Basilica of Notre-Dame in Vitré is a Romanesque church known for its architecture and historical significance.
  11. Town Walls: Vitré’s medieval defenses included town walls and gates. Portions of the walls are still visible, contributing to the town’s authenticity.
  12. Flea Market: Vitré hosts a popular flea market, attracting collectors and shoppers looking for unique finds.
  13. Château des Rochers-Sévigné: Located a short distance from Vitré, the Château des Rochers-Sévigné is another historic castle surrounded by beautiful gardens.
  14. Local Cuisine: Vitré offers a variety of restaurants and cafes where visitors can savor traditional Breton cuisine and regional specialties.

Vitré’s blend of medieval architecture, cultural events, and historical sites makes it a charming destination in Brittany. The well-preserved castle, medieval streets, and vibrant local life contribute to the town’s appeal for history enthusiasts and travelers seeking an authentic French experience.






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